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Roll-Up, Pop-Up & Retractable Banner Stands.

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Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Pop Up Banner Stands

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Roll-Up, Pop-Up & Retractable Banners
and Banner Stands!

• Anodized Aluminum Casing  

• Heavy-Duty Spring Roller 

• Padded Storage Case 

• Rich Poly Nylon Fabric  

• 3 Section Piece-Together Support Pole

1-3 Day Production Available! 
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Banner Stands

Advantages to using retractable banner stands: Low Cost | Portable | Easy to Set Up | Light Weight | Durable.

Retractable or Roll Up Banners

Take instant signage to a new level with the easy to set-up Roll Up, Pop Up and Retractable Banners and Banner Stands. These durable, lightweight retractable banner display systems are a perfect complement to your trade show booth or branded store display. Choose from single-sided or double-sided printed Banner Stand models in standard or deluxe versions to match your needs. Our curl-free poly nylon fabric ensures your Banner Stand or Banner Display will last and provide a professional graphic image. With many Banner sizes and displays available, we have the perfect Roll Up Banner to enhance your branding exposure.

Banner Stand Options

Do you want your Banner Stand to Pop Up, Roll Up or Pull Up? Our banner stand choices include: Adjustable Banner Stand heights | Single and Double Sided Banners | Curl free Banner Inserts | Fabric Banner Inserts | Rigid Film Full Color Inserts | Scrolling Banner options | Replaceable pull up Banner Display cartridges | Indoor and Outdoor Banners | Retractable Banner options.  

Banner Stand Styles & Types


Rush Banner Stands & Same Day / Next Day Retractable Banner Stand Printing
Same Day Printing Service and RUSH Banner Stands Available. 
Call LOGO EXECUTIVES at (702) 589-6429 for Banners, Banner Stands and Banner Display options and pricing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Specs

  • What is a retractable banner? 
    A retractable banner is a sign enclosed in a metal base that can then be pulled out of the base for display purposes. These banners are a great marketing and advertising tool for companies and their products or services, so you typically see them at a lot of trade shows and events. They are made for indoor use but can be used outside if used for shorter periods of time and not during harsh weather conditions. 
  • Are ‘retractable banners’ and ‘pop up banners’ the same thing? 
    The terms “retractable banners” and “pop up banners” are typically used interchangeably within the signage industry. Both refer to the functionality of a retractable banner which rolls up into and pulls out of a metal retractable stand or base. Some other names for retractable banners are pull up displays, pull up banners, and roll up banners. 

    The only bit of confusion that may stem from these terms is that on occasion “pop up banner” is used by some to refer to what we call a “pop up display”. A pop up display is a larger, more expensive, and functionally different product (no hard base and a three-dimensional appearance) albeit with a similar end use. 

    So long as it’s clear that retractable banners and pop up banners are the same thing, the only thing you’ll need to clarify is whether you want a standard, premium, or deluxe retractable banner. The primary differences between these three, as outlined fully in the next question, are the base, sizes offered, carrying case, and double sided functionality. You can select between standard, premium, and deluxe versions of the retractable banner by selecting the proper size on this page or the design tool. If you’re still confused don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be happy to help! 
  • What is the difference between your standard, premium, and deluxe retractable banners? 
    Standard, premium, and deluxe retractable banners all allow for the choice between fabric and vinyl as the banner material. By their nature, the materials differ with the vinyl being a standard vinyl material and the fabric being a gray-backed coated polyester. The gray backing helps reduce backlight issues while the coating produces more vibrant printing. The gray backing is not visible when the fabric banner is displayed in your retractable banner. Beyond this, the primary difference between these versions is the base and double-sided functionality. The carrying case for each is also slightly different. 

    The standard retractable banner has a basic, albeit sturdy and reliable, base with feet on either end to provide stability when the banner is fully set up. When not in use these feet twist to hide from view and more easily store and/or be transported. Standard retractable banners come in two different sizes: 24”x81” and 33”x81”. These banners also cost less when compared to the premium or deluxe versions. The standard retractable is single sided only. It also has a more simple carrying case than that of the premium and deluxe versions. The interior of the carrying case is padded. 

    Our premium retractable banners have an upgraded base with stepped hardware and chrome end caps to provide a more professional look to the assembled retractable banner. Premium retractable banners are offered in 36”x92”, 48”x92”, and 60”x92” sizes. Premium banners are single sided and comes with a rigid carrying case as opposed to a soft case. The interior of the carrying case is padded. 

    The deluxe retractable banner option has an upgraded base with chrome endcaps and sleek attractive hardware. Its base functions similar to the premium version and doesn’t have feet like the standard version. The premium version is only available in the size of 33”x81”. The deluxe banner also allows you to have a double sided retractable banner unlike the standard or premium options. This is perfect for use when passing foot traffic is coming from both directions past the sign. The double sided functionality allows for the same thing to be printed on both sides or a different graphic for each side of the banner. The deluxe version comes with a soft carrying case that features a shoulder strap and a side pocket that may be used for extra storage. The interior of the carrying case is padded. 

    All three banner types include a padded carrying case (differences noted above). A single LED light is available as an additional option for both standard banners and the 36”x92” premium versions. The two larger premium banners and the deluxe banner allow for the purchase of 2 LED lights. 
  • Are retractable banners easy to move around? 
    Yes. Retractable banners are lightweight and portable, so they are easy for one person to move and reposition, as well as setup and takedown. We also provide a carrying case (the cases for standard, premium, and deluxe, banners differ and are explained in full detail in the previous question) with either a shoulder strap or handles that makes traveling with your banner to and from trade shows and other events as easy as carrying a lightweight duffle bag. 
  • What materials can my graphic be printed on? What are the differences and advantages of these materials? 
    You can print your graphic on vinyl or fabric. Vinyl is the more affordable option of the two and has more of a matte finish, while fabric banners are more vibrant due to the coating applied to the fabric before printing. Vinyl is also a durable outdoor option since the material is water and fade resistant, but it can also be used indoors. Our fabric material is a great indoor option, and it’s also scratch resistant and has curl-free edges. Despite vinyl typically being used outdoors, if your end use is extended or permanent outdoor use we recommend our standard vinyl banners instead of a retractable banner with the vinyl option. 
  • Can your retractable banners be double sided? 
    Yes! Our deluxe retractable banners are double sided so you can get your graphic on either side. You have the option to have one design on both sides of your banner stand or have separate designs, one on each side of the stand. Our standard and premium retractable banners cannot be double sided. For those two options we only print on one side of the banner. 
  • How is my graphic attached to the retractable banner? 
    After being digitally printed, the banner (vinyl and fabric) is then attached to the retractable portion of the banner stand which is found inside of the aluminum base that sits on the floor. You then pull your banner up and out of the base unit before locking it into position with the adjustable pole. 
  • Can I swap banners on the same stand? 
    Yes, whether you are using a vinyl or fabric banner you are able to switch out your banner. We strongly recommend having a professional exchange your graphics though because your retractable banner is spring-loaded and attempting to do this yourself without knowing how could cause damage to the base and possibly injury as well. 
  • Is there anything over the top of the graphic to protect it? 
    Nothing is printed over the top of your graphic. It is printed directly onto the vinyl or fabric material respectively. 
  • How big is the banner area? Can this be changed? 
    It is important to understand the difference between the listed size of standard, premium, and deluxe banners and their viewable areas. The viewable area is slightly smaller in height due to some of your banner remaining in your base and the metal bar at the top of the display. 

    Thus, the viewable banner area on a 24” x 81” standard retractable banner is 24” x 77”. The viewable banner area on a 33” x 81” standard retractable banner is 33” x 77”. 

    The viewable banner area on a 36” x 92” premium retractable banner is 36” x 88”. The viewable banner area on a 48” x 92” premium retractable banner is 48” x 88”. The viewable banner area on a 60” x 92” premium retractable banner is 60” x 88”. 

    The viewable area on both sides of the 33”x81” deluxe retractable banner is 33” x 77”. 

    As can be seen for all of the banners the viewable area is 4” less than what the height indicates. The additional 4" of height is bleed that we will add to your design. 

    This bleed area is noted on the design tool when “Retractable Banner” is selected by a dotted blue line at the top and a dotted blue line and the message “NON-VISIBLE AREA” at the bottom. As noted above, this is due to the fact that the four inches of non-viewable area is made up of one inch for the top bar and 3 inches of material that will stay within the aluminum base at the bottom of your design. Simply make sure to keep your design within these two dotted lines and you will have no problems with your end design.

    Alternatively, the width (24”, 33”, 36", 48", 60", and 33”) on all of these areas is unchangeable. If, however, you would like to decrease the height on any of the premium sizes (36”, 48”, and 60”) or deluxe (33”) banners, you can simply leave the lower portion of your graphic blank. Then, when you pull your banner out of the base, you simply pull it up to where your graphic ends. Both premium and deluxe retractable banners can be adjusted to be as short as 70” in height as the support pole is telescopic in nature. Alternatively, the standard banners have a fixed height of 81” and the supporting pole isn’t able to be adjusted to a different height. The 60” premium retractable banner comes with 2 poles for additional support due to the width of the banner. 
  • Do you offer different sizes for your retractable banners? 
    Yes, we offer a number of different sizes for your retractable banners. These sizes vary depending on whether the banner is a Standard, Premium, or Deluxe model. These sizes are listed below. 

    Standard: 24” wide x 81” high and 33” wide x 81” high 
    Premium: 36” wide x 92” high, 48” wide x 92” high, and 60” wide x 92" 
    Deluxe: 33” wide x 81” high 

    The height of your design can technically be decreased to 70” on the premium and deluxe retractable banners. Standard banners are a set height that cannot be decreased. The widths for all banners are unchangeable. 
  • Can my design be smaller than the actual banner area? 
    Yes, technically you can make your graphics smaller than the area provided in the banner (see the question about banner areas two questions above). Simply leave the lower portion of your design blank or a solid color. 
  • Do you print your retractable banners in one color or full color? 
    We currently print our banners in full color, meaning you are able to have the graphics on your banner printed in several different colors or just one if that’s all you need. 
  • Do you do color matching with the graphics I upload? 
    We do not currently offer color matching on our retractable banners, but we typically hit or get extremely close to the colors you provide in your file. 
  • Is there a certain file type I need to use when uploading my graphic(s) for my retractable banner? 
    For large signs, such as retractable banners, we recommend vectorized designs or files. If you do not have a vector file then please use the highest resolution file you have. It is recommended that it be 200 dpi. We also offer design services if you need design help getting your design created. 
  • What is the lifespan of your retractable banners? 
    Our retractable banners should last up to 5+ years with the proper use and care. The lifespan can be even longer, but it obviously depends on what kind of conditions you use your banner in and the care you give it. 
  • What if my graphics for the retractable banner have more than 2 colors? Will it cost more? 
    No. We print all of our signs in full color, meaning no matter how many colors your banner(s) may have, your cost won’t go up. Your cost will be determined by the quantity you order, the shipping options you choose and any applicable taxes. 
  • Do I have to use one of your templates for my custom retractable banner? 
    No. We have a vast range of templates available for you to use or start your design with. You can also contact us to take advantage of our design services from one of our professional designers. 
  • Is there any assembly required with retractable banners? 
    Assembly is quick and easy with our retractable banners. Simply remove everything from the carrying case, lock the pole into place, pull the banner out of the aluminum base and then attach it to the pole. Be sure to take care when attaching the graphic to the pole so that it is firmly in place before letting go. Don’t let go of the graphic as it will quickly retract to the base and may cause permanent damage. Use care with the pole(s) as they may bend if mishandled or improperly installed. Carefully attach the top of the graphic to the pole. Don’t use excessive force as this may damage your retractable banner. If you purchased a display light or lights, simply attach the light(s) to the top of the stand. The entire assembly process should take only a few minutes. 
  • Is the case included with the retractable banner? What about the LED Light? 
    Yes, the standard, premium (hard shell or rigid), and deluxe carrying cases are included with a retractable banner order, but the LED Light(s) is not. The LED display light can be added to your order for an additional cost on the design tool or shopping cart pages by selecting it as an option. Two LED lights are available for the two larger premium versions as well as the deluxe version. The rest of the banners come with only one LED light if purchased. 
  • Is the included carrying case the same for the standard, premium, and deluxe banners? Can I use the case interchangeably? 
    While all three retractable banners come with an included carrying case, the cases are different for each type of banner as well as specific to the banner size. They are not interchangeable. 

    The standard (both sizes) case is much simpler in nature. It is more like a gym bag or tent pole bag that doesn’t have any rigidity. While not as protective as the premium case, it does include some padding. One end of this case zips open and your retractable banner and support pole slide into the bag. It will not fit an LED light or lights if purchased. It has two sewn in handles or a smaller shoulder strap for transport needs. 

    The premium case (all three sizes) is a padded, hard shell case with some rigidity and is in the rough shape of a rectangle. It has two zippers and opens up like a suitcase. The base, rolled up banner, support pole, and LED light(s) (if purchased) easily fit inside this case. The interior of the case features multiple pockets for poles as well as two velcro straps to hold the stored banner in place during transport. The premium case features sewn handle as well as a shoulder strap for easy travel. 

    The deluxe case is somewhere in between the standard and premium cases. It is not rectangular in shape nor does it have as much rigidity as does the premium case. It zips open on one end to slide in the support pole and your base with retracted banners. The interior is padded and the one end of the exterior has a leather finish. There is an additional side pocket for extra storage. It has two sewn in handles and a shoulder strap for easy transport. 
  • How many poles are included with the retractable banner? 
    Included with the 36"x92" and 48"x92" versions is a single pole for supporting the retractable display, while the 60”x92” size has two poles included with the support base. Both the Standard and Deluxe retractable banners only have one pole. 
  • Do you sell just the bases themselves? 
    We currently do not sell the bases by themselves online. If you need a replacement base or stand as a standalone item please contact us. We recommend you either order a new retractable banner or have a professional swap your graphic as this process can easily damage your banner and may cause injury if not done properly. 
  • Will my banner and its accessories arrive in the same box? 
    Yes, your retractable banner, base stand, carrying case and LED display light(s) (if you purchased this option) will all ship and arrive to your desired location in the same box.


  • Can I use my retractable banner outside? Any exceptions or restrictions? 
    While our retractable banners are built for indoor use, they can be used outdoors for short periods of time. The vinyl banner is your best choice since it’s more durable for outside conditions. However, we highly recommend that you refrain from using your retractable banner outside during inclement weather, especially when there are high winds, heavy rainfall and sustained cold temperatures. 
  • Will my retractable banner fade, scratch or wrinkle? 
    With all of our banners, we use durable materials and quality ink, lending to retractable banners that don’t fade and are scratch resistant, unlike cheap, low-quality banners. Of course, with any sign there will eventually be some fading, but with the ink we use, your custom banner should remain vibrant for several years down the road. 
  • Will the base of my retractable banner be easily damaged? 
    The base itself, which is a durable metal stand, shouldn’t have any problems with damage. It is a sturdy base that provides excellent stability for your retractable banner. But like we explain below, you should never place anything on top of your retractable banner or stand. Also, make sure to strap it into the case (premium case only) before storing and traveling with the banner. 
  • What are the typical uses for retractable banners? 
    The most common uses for retractable banners are in tradeshow display booths and at events and conferences to advertise and promote business products and services. They are also great to use in presentations and point of purchase displays because they are eye-catching and really draw in the attention of everyone who passes by them. Further, at events and conferences they can be used for directional signage, sign in tables and more. 
  • Can I reuse my retractable banner? 
    Yes! Our retractable banners are quite durable and can be used repeatedly. Simply store them as per the instructions below and you should have no issue using these banners again and again for years to come. If you’d like to change out the graphic in your retractable stand, we would recommend printing one from us and then having a professional reinstall it into the base.

Installation & Care

  • How do I assemble my retractable banner? 
    A retractable banner requires very little assembly and no installation. You simply have to remove everything from the carrying case, lock the pole into place, pull the banner out of the metal base and then attach it to the pole to assemble your retractable banner. For the standard banner option be sure to twist or rotate the feet on the bottom of the base so they are perpendicular to the base. This will help stabilize the standard banner while assembled and in use. If you purchased a display light (or lights), you just need to attach the light to the top rung of the banner of either the standard, premium, or deluxe version. The assembly and takedown process — which is doing the assembly steps in reverse — only takes a couple of minutes to complete. 
  • How careful do I need to be pulling out my banner and putting it back in the base? 
    You need to carefully and fairly slowly pull your banner out of the base and put it back into the base. Pulling out or going back in too fast can damage your banner. It can also cause your banner to go in the base crooked. Placing your banner into the base crooked can cause damage to the edges of your sign. Please use care while retracting your banner and ensure the edges of the graphic go in smoothly and centered. 
  • Will there be assembly instructions with my retractable banner? 
    Yes, assembly instructions are provided with your banner, and you can find them inside the carrying case. Feel free to also contact us if you have any questions about assembling your banner. Though as noted above your banner should come fully assembled. 
  • How do I store my retractable banner? 
    To store your banner, we recommend retracting your banner into the base and then storing your retractable banner, pole and light within your carrying case (premium case only). You want to keep this in a dry area at room temperature to avoid damage in-between uses. Although the bases are fairly durable, do not place anything heavy on your banner, even when in the carrying case, and do not throw or drop it whether inside or outside of the case. 
  • Is there any kind of ongoing care or maintenance needed for my retractable banner? 
    Assuming that you correctly set up and take down your retractable banner, it requires little to no ongoing care or maintenance. Retracting the banner into its metal base will protect the material, whether fabric or vinyl, from any potential damage in between uses.
  • Simple stains on either a vinyl or fabric banner can be washed away with warm water and a soft, damp cloth. Never use abrasive cloths or strong cleaners on your banner because it could ruin the printing on the banner itself. Both of these banners are UV printed and can not be laundered or washed in a machine in any way.


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